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Hire Now, Pay Later

WorkCo does not have a placement fee. We charge for as long as you keep your employee, instead of a lump sum upfront. This helps startups keep one-off expenses low and maintain a predictable burn rate, even if you decide to part ways with your employee. 


Pay for who you are getting, not who you thought you were getting.

Make Scaling Effortless.

Companies are struggling to compete for that top talent that fits your culture, but there are too many hurdles.

  • Selecting great recruiters is hard

  • Upfront placement fees are prohibitively high

  • Incorporating in countries to legally employ internationally is hard

  • International payroll, compliance and HR is hard

  • Making employees happy is hard

WorkCo allows you to hire anyone in the world with no risk, in no time and with no overheads for your growth.

WorkCo for Employers

The future is remote. The future is distributed.

Global Perspective

We remove all legal and financial complexities for you and your employer. When you work with WorkCo, you and your coworkers have the same employee experience - whether you work in the same city or in countries around the world.

Full-stack Coverage

When your company relies on WorkCo for international hiring and HR support, you will be employed by WorkCo's local entity. This allows us to offer truly local support when it comes to fully compliant employment contracts, payroll, taxes, benefits, immigration & work permits and everything in between.

Airtight Compliance

From a legal perspective, WorkCo acts as the employer of record for your international employees - meaning all risks and compliance issues are solely our responsibility. WorkCo fulfills all local requirements to make sure that your employee can legally and compliantly work wherever they are based, with the appropriate rights and protections stipulated locally.

Best-in-Class Compliance

World-class compliance is our bread-and-butter. We guarantee you the lowest risk way for you to hire anyone in any region.

Robust Global Payroll

Global remote payroll with full compliance with laws and regulations, in your local currency. Always on time.

Premium Benefits Packages

Ultra competitive health, insurance and pension benefits packages tailored for your employees in each country's regulations.

Comprehensive Tax Management

We consult with local tax experts to lower any tax expenses you or your employee occur, and manage all statutory tax compliance.

Streamlined Expense Management

Manage and audit your employee expenses with no hassle using WorkCo's expense management processes.

An Onboarding Experience Designed with Love

Set up your team for success with our highly-tailored onboarding experience that takes care of your employee and you at every step of the way.

You deserve the best

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