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without the sacrifices.

Our Services

Employment Services

Legal and compliant employment in any jurisdiction, globally. We act as the Employer of Record for contributors to provide proper legal structure, registration, and compliance with all local laws.

Payroll Services

Payroll services in every covered jurisdiction. Including legal and compliant token distribution. 

B2B Incorporation & Management

Incorporation services for contractors and freelancers who are interested in setting up their own consulting business.

HR Services

We provide best-in-class support when it comes to fully compliant employment contracts, payroll, taxes, benefits, immigration & work permits and everything in between.

Compliant & Efficient Tax Support

Providing support for all statutory obligations (withholding, filings, etc.) and access to tax and accounting advice to allow contributors to make the best decisions about compensation structures, including stablecoin payroll and (vesting) token distributions in the covered jurisdictions.