Payroll & payments

WorkCo provides accurate, on-time payroll, navigating local statutory deductions and social contributions, over 150 currencies and 50 languages to make it easy for you and your employees.


Pay anyone, anywhere, in a few clicks

Simplify rewards and payments

Get maximum flexibility with minimum effort. Make one transfer and we make sure all of your employees are compensated in line with reward mechanisms, local requirements and their personal preferences. 


We cover bounties, grants and all other types of rewards. We run payments on-demand, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. In local currencies or in crypto.


Entrust local taxes, benefits & deductions to the experts 

The more distributed your organization, the more labor laws and local statutory requirements around payroll, benefits & social security you need to comply with. Leave dealing with the complexity to us.


Pay your employees the way they want

We make sure your employees get their salary in local currency, crypto or both, to their bank account or wallet, however they want.


Align the long term incentives

We know everything about the global and local regulatory landscape to help you efficiently structure your token plans or review your existing token vesting smart contracts.


We also help your employees navigate their personal tax compliance obligations whenever and wherever they arise.

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